Viche 2008 11

11, 2008

Crimea the investment magnet

The total investment market of Crimea is estimated at the considerable sum about $ 20 billion. And thats only for now.


During the next 60 years Ukraine will need about E 10 trillion of investments (approximately it is the national produce in USA nowadays) and almost E 300 billion for Crimea to assure Jean Tierry ( ?), the president of the Swedish consortium SWISSTEAMS Group.


British specialists from the Economist publication have put Ukraine to the 70-th place in the rating of appropriate conditions for enterprising activity for 2008-2012. by the way Ukraine have increased its level for 5 points, comparing to the years 2003 2007. Before us go: Russia and Kazahstan. As the specialist estimate, Crimea now is on of the 5 most attractive regions for the foreign investors and it goes together with Kyiv, Donetsk, Odessa and Carpathians.


It is planned to increase the quantity of the units in the hotel economy in Crimea from 3800 to 25 30 thousand.


The Projects


By the resolution during the session of the city rada of Yalta in 2007 an investment agreement was set to launch the first pilot project on the settling the people from the house #15 on Sosnova st. in Yalta and constructing the new multifunctional house with an overground parking lot. The project provides $ 1 million just for settling the people in the new place. According to the agreement, the settling must be completed during the year.


Among the implementing of the housing projects, the authorities of Yalta plan to create a 3-stored parking lot for 400 places, because the quantity of cars in the city have grown rapidly (moreover, there are more cars coming from other regions, while summer vacations). The project is really profitable its going to be compensated n 5-6 years, and the risk level is not higher then 12%.


Moreover, the master plan expects the construction works of the easy underground, costing 25 million UAH that will connect Sipmheropol and Yalta (86 km). as the result every hour it can be used by 15 thousand of people. The construction works will take about 17 years. Such projects already appeared in France and Canada. Maybe the branch line will be extended to Sevastopol. The project itself was created in the far 1970s-1980s an it needs to be slightly refreshed.