Viche 2008 8

8, 2008

WILD WEST, or there is a long way to the threshold

The 1-st of April was not celebrated as Fools Day in Kyiv. The symbol of it was the WEST. Safety of George Bush junior was on the first place. Unprecedented invasion of the armed people American and home, snipers on roofs, check-ups of documents, blocking of car movement in the capital center, transportation of movable test-explosive laboratories, trucks with sand these were first April attributes this time. They accompanied state official visit of the President of the USA to Ukraine.

President of RF Volodymyr Putin: 

Moscow perceives approaching of the NATO to the Russian borders as the real threat to the interests of the state and will take adequate measures.


Minister of foreign affairs of RF Sergiy Lavrov: 

We will do everything so that Georgia and Ukraine were not accepted in the NATO, and we will not allow to worse sharply our relations, with alliance and with its leading members, and with our neighbors, which is inevitably connected with such acceptance.

(From appearance broadcast by the radio Echo of Moscow April, 2008).