Viche 2008 8

8, 2008

Baptizing of Kyiv-and-Russ is a joining holiday of Motherland

1020 years ago Prince of those days Volodymyr made a grounded choice which defined the further development of not only the Old Russian state but also of all civilization of the eastern Slavs.

Celebrations on occasion of 1020-th anniversary of baptizing of Kyiv-and-Russ will take place on benediction of blessed Volodymyr (Sabodan), a metropolitan of Kyiv and of all Ukraine of the Ukrainian orthodox church of Moscow patriarchy. Gala-concert with participation of such known modern bands as Brothers Karamazovy, DDT, Pisnyary and other musicians will take place in 26 cities of our state. Between their performances according to the original producer project priests, theologies and historian will apply to the audience. Compositions performed by church choral collectives will also be heard. Virtuous missions will visit children's houses, prisons and other social establishments.

Preparation for celebrations was the question discussed at the press-conference of organizational Committee concerning the celebration of 1020-tn anniversary of baptizing of Kyiv-and-Russ with the assistance of international public organization Day of baptizing of Russ created in 2006 on benediction of metropolitan Volodymyr. It was suggested to combine efforts of representatives of Orthodox Church, publicmen and patrons of art. As well as during celebration of 1000-th anniversary of baptizing of Russ in 1988 the festivities will take place in Ukraine and in capitals and the biggest cities of Russia and Byelorussia.