Журнал Viche 2008 №8

№8, 2008

Pictures are my children

How was the creative world view of Vira Ivanivna Barynova-Kuleba, the member-correspondent of the AFU, the professor of the National academy of fine art and architecture formed, where does she take themes and characters for pictures?

The artist is telling about it herself: “A cradle hangs in my workshop on the sixteenth floor. As well as I am, it is pre-war. My mother gave me birth on the Melnykove-Kulebyne farm that is in Poltava region near Hadyach. That cradle together with shirts, distaffs from the outlived peasant life, with the stories of my parents and countrymen as if paint those pictures. And they are from my soul. Exactly life taught peasants to live. A grain-grower had to grow grain. And mothers had to give birth and bring up children.