Viche 2008 5

5, 2008

Who hasnt signed up for Cossacks yet?

On the eve of Epiphany it was dark and wet in Sevastopol. Through thick clouds the rays of sun could hardly shine through. This day citizens were sincerely surprised, becoming the witnesses of unusual sight: the sun illuminated only the domes of Volodymyr cathedral in Khersones, and the rest were steadily in grey tones.

However, next morning the nature already presented people truly spring mood. The sun shined generously, as it should be in Crimea. The sea, tired with storms and recent foul weather, glittered with silver. Someone from local habitants came to conclusion: Cossacks has brought a heat.

Under the sounds of the church chime citizens of Sevastopol and city guests moved to the temple. Among festively dressed people the Ukrainian register Cossacks distinguished themselves in a beautiful uniform. (It is a long-term tradition for them to arrive there from all regions of Ukraine exactly on Epiphany day.) As it is established: they attended the service, lighted candles, prayed to God.

There, in this ancient town, in a solemn situation the ordaining in Cossacks takes place annually. Citizens of Sevastopol observe this event repeatedly, but as it turned out this time there were much more willing people to know about the old ritual than last years. Adults and children show their interest to Cossacks. And even people of middle age.

The Ukrainian register Cossacks are deeply respected among people, because more than once they have proved that they are men of their word. Cossack said, Cossack did. They are respectable and of high moral standards, they try to bring up these virtues in others, they preach unreserved love to the nation and Motherland. The idea of honour is familiar to them even today. Cossacks are convinced: all these will provide a strong foundation of healthy society and prosperity of the sovereign state.