Журнал Viche 2008 №5

№5, 2008

They do not see us. And we do not know them

Do you know that in Ukraine there are over 60 thousand invalids of eye-sight (exact figure is unknown even to the Society of the blind), from them there are about 25 thousand people who has lost sight completely. In addition to difficulties in exercising of human rights, they are almost deprived of the possibility to exercise civil rights, for example, they can not take part in elections without somebody’s help. Consequently 60 thousand citizens do not live full political life. How can the problems of the blind be solved? That is the topic of the conversation of our correspondent with the representatives of Ukrainian society of the blind (USB) and Valeriy SUSHKEVYCH, a national deputy of Ukraine. All questions put by the correspondent are left out in the below presented texts. Genres of monologue, evidence and accusations are very similar.