Viche 2008 5

5, 2008


Girls from the band NotAngels look like two hermaphrodites. These rugged features and cheek-bones, voices similar to buzzing of transformer, are wonderful. We are embarrassed not by their naked bodies crowned with feather hats (there are a lot of them on any TV channel), but by the fact that femininity has united with masculinity so ridiculously. Metamorphosis, some mystery, something incomprehensible and unusual, real devilry, vice, perversion make us exited. The men dressed in tuxedo appear in their videos. But they are unnecessary. Because the masculine beginning is already hidden in girls. However, next to ironed trousers, wide lapels and strong shoulders their video changes into veritable transvestite-show. As girls themselves is an anomaly, an error in the natural code, mix of bodies. 

We have already got used to that men sing with womanish voices. But it still surprises when women sing with masculine voice. One wants to catch these scenic men, or rather boys with rosy cheeks and painted eyelashes, in dark gateways and belabour them until they dont begin to look like a normal man. But that is a waste of time. Because what does a normal man mean? Men do not dance, DJ Gruv sang, they drink, work their fingers to the bones, but they do not dance. But for some reason in his video some sexy creature jumps and says it is a man.

The world has changed. The world has turned over. One woman, my friends relative, used to say: Looking at what happens, I think Armageddon is coming. And then she was taken to Pavlivka. My friend is convinced that she was cleverer than those who sent her to the insane asylum.