Viche 2008 5

5, 2008

Gender in the policy: is it a problem reality?

Democratization and humanization of society at the modern stage of development of humanity foresees the creation of equal possibilities for self-realization of personality regardless of its origin, nationality, age and gender. Bases of these principles were laid in 1948 after the UNO had adopted the General declaration of human rights. World community had to accept de jure the fact that all people are born free and equal in their dignity and rights regardless of their race, gender, political or other views, national or social origin, property, family or some other status. Signing the mentioned document, the states took the responsibility to adhere to the requirements of international concord in relation to equality of rights of citizens, taking into account sexual features. By this they acknowledged an objective necessity in conducting the reformation of gender policy and introduction of the programs on its support, which could proclaim the development of humanity on the basis of principles of equality, justice and tolerance.