Журнал Viche 2008 №5

№5, 2008

Who has to make a child happy? Legislator!

– In the civilized society the task of a doctor is to treat under any circumstances. Doctor  is always an advocate, in any case he can not be a judge, a public prosecutor, an executioner. Even if a man is 90 years old and he has a stroke, so that he will not be young and handsome, and he will not bring any achievements to the society, we all the same will treat him. Because there are the rules of conduct of doctors and laws which give the right on the receipt of medical help.

A child is a human-being from the impregnation to majority. That is a legal ground for existence of medicine of foetus. Its main objectives are prevention of the whole row of illnesses, their diagnostics and treatments.

Oleksiy Solovyov