Viche 2008 5

5, 2008

Two hundred illnesses under a press

I think almost everyone at least once has become a victim of a healer or believed in unusual characteristics of new medications, nutritional supplements, devices As if we were hypnotized by the generously represented prospects of immediate and final deprivation of all sores, we did not ask ourselves the question who offers us a new panacea. Does modern pseudo Hippocrates have at least secondary medical education? Where and how was a new method of healing or a device able to work wonders tested?.. It was rather good when in the result only the content of our purse suffered. But quite often, unfortunately, the cases of injuring health happened and still happen, and sometimes these cases are irretrievable.

That is why I inform the respected readers at once: the method of pneumopressing, which is going to be spoken about, has been known to science for more than two hundred years. But telling the truth, Thomas Edisons telephone is already more than one hundred fifty years old. But what insuperable gap has been between the receivers of the X and ղ centuries?! The same can be said about Bioregulator 004M a device in basis of which a method of volume pneumopressing was set - created by Igor TARSHYNOV, a doctor of engineering sciences, professor, teacher of department of biocybernetics and space medicine of the National aviation university. However, before telling about this real miracle (without any inverted commas and exaggerations) of medical technique which is able to fight successfully with over two hundred illnesses, first of all, Id like to tell the story of its appearance. Extremely touching one.