Viche 2008 5

5, 2008

As for me Ukraine, Kyiv and Ukrainian Academy are dear and close. I am glad at their growth and believe so much in the large missing of dear to me Library and Academy

On March, 12 145 years passed from the birthday of Volodymyr Vernadskyi a prominent research worker with the world name, natural scientist, founder of biogeochemistry, mineralogy, radiogeology, author of studies about noosphere.

Hundred books and articles are written about Volodymyr Vernadskyi. In the Russian academy of sciences, where the scientist worked for a long time, the Vernadskyi Archive consists of 10 descriptions which contain 4591 works. These are 136302 pages of the archived documents, third of them are accessible to the users in the electronic way. As specialists say Vernadskyis handwriting is one of the most difficult in the Archive of academy of sciences.

In Kyiv Institute of manuscript of the National library named after V. I. Vernadskyi the number of archived materials is considerably smaller, but they are unique. In particular, there are plenty of pictures, protective document given out to Volodymyr Vernadskyi as to the Head-President of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, letters to Agatangel Krymskyi, a close friend and companion in establishment of the Academy. They were drawn together by friendship with Mykhaylo Dragomanov, whom Agatangel named the unforgettable teacher. More than 30 years ago, recollecting the meetings with Vernadskyi, Krymskyi wrote: We got into conversation, remembered about Dragomanov that is how our relations were set.