Viche 2008 1

1, 2008

Oksana TUNIK-FRYZ: Good businesses are the basis of mutual understanding

What the fate of the Pecherskyi complex in Chernigiv will be to a great extent depends on position of the city executive committee. About it and about the peculiarities of religious life in the city on the whole is our talk with the deputy of city chairman Oksana TUNIK-FRYZ.

I am not for giving the monastery to the eparchy. Because if some unpleasant events connected with the behavior of visitors happen in the museum of history and economy on the Boldyn mountains, it happens because of the general level of culture of people, but not because of the owners of caves. Certainly, there is a lack of financing. But there are no substantial problems with functioning of the museum. First of all we need to educate people. People should be reminded about saint things and values. About spirituality. It is worth working on it. We should work for years, we should make efforts. Maybe we will see positive changes. Because the state of spirituality and culture is at a very low level. It is worth remembering that above all we are people. And there is love to the native land in our hearts. If we take care of culture, then there will not be a question: should or shouldnt we give the monastery to eparchy? Properties of the state and of the city will be well-kept.