Журнал Viche 2008 №1

№1, 2008

Romantic, attendant of Love

Anatoliy Matviyvchuk feels life inside out. Poems and songs are born because of that.. And if life is so multidimensional, then songs are different every time. And the author himself, accordingly, always has different inner world. It is substantial advantage for creative nature.

He has recorded four compact disks of his own songs. The poetic book “Confession” has been published. There have been many concerts and creative meetings. A few years ago he received the Award of Ivan Franko, which is conferred by the Union of journalists. A little later he was awarded with the literary bonus named after Andriy Malyshko. After that there was a concert tour. Lately he visited Israel twice, he performed in Tel Aviv and Karmieli. It was very important for me to visit the holy city Jerusalem. And the trip around the country turned out to be educative enough. Law-obedience and patriotism of simple citizens, their melodious variety performers impress a lot. There are many cultural, spiritual and picturesque programs on Russian-language TV channels, there are almost no vapid shows. And all generations of artists are presented at concerts. So there are a lot of things we should think of.


– In the context of festive fuss I can’t help asking: what associations do you have with these festivities? They have a special significance for artists, as I know.


– New Year holidays are very active for us. During a few days sometimes you have time to execute monthly norm of concerts and evening-parties. Moreover you from time to time have to be a showman, both a singer and a script writer. Audience these days is extraordinary, regardless of profession, it is cheerful, uproarious.... I remember once on New Year Day Lyuba – my wife and director - and I were at cruise at the Mediterranean: I then worked in the concert program on shipboard. In the New Year evening we tied up at one Greek small city. Sharply at midnight petards, crackers and fireworks were let off on our motor ship – there was such a firing! Squad cars did not make them wait. Local habitants decided that the ship was taken by terrorists. Meantime cruise public went out on a pier and took policemen in hostages. And it did not let them go till it had made them drunk with champagne and had not forced to sing our songs. Then shocked but with smiles on the faces the guards of law went back to their businesses. New Year, after all.


Olga KLEYMENOVA held a conversation.

Photo from the private archive of Anatoliy Matviychuk.