Viche 2008 1

1, 2008

A process of land fraud is so perfect that it has become difficult to get out of it

A bill About making alterations to Landed code of Ukraine (concerning the perfection of order of a free land transmission in the property of citizens has been registered in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and was by given a folk deputy Kseniya Lyapina.
It implies the acception of the State program of the differentiating the lands of public and communal property to and provide during 20082011 the development of technical documentation about land-utilization in relation to establishment of scopes of a land plot specifically (on locality) and drafting of documents which certify the right on a land lot. At the same time to organize such kind of work for a considerable tract of lands.
By experts evaluation it is about 7; 8 billion of hryvnyas may need from the state budget for realization of this State program. In addition it suggested creating a special control commission on the questions of the landed relations.

Pavlo MOVCHAN, Block of Julia Tymoshenko:


If we think about land, about the Ukraines prospects it is needed to bring amendments to the functioning moratorium, to the land law. The process of legal grounds of land fraud is so perfect that it has become difficult to get out of it.

Ukrainian soils are neither sands in Sahara nor rocks in Morocco. It away other earths. Their cost is intentionally understated. The policy of deindustrialization and degradation is intentionally conducted in villages. It is a great policy in which our small officials carry out the role of. And real masters of marionettes are abroad. They know what soil is; have an enormous historical experience of seizing it. All the more it is much easier to do it under such political system as ours. I didnt see a single collective farming in three districts of the Volinskiy region, in a few farms I saw tailings of cattle 300 heads, but there were complexes with about 5 thousand. People go to Byelorussia, Poland and all of them are in expectation that something will change.


Katerina VASCHUK, Block of Lytvyn


I am one of the authors of Law About state support of agriculture in Ukraine where is written out how to make the agriculture profitable and what products need support for their raising. Ideally if we could work the same as the European owner the cheap credit would satisfy us as well as the insurance of risks related with the keeping of economy, support of prices level, the encouragement of a good administrators. It it would be enough on condition of a high purchasing power of citizens. If only peasants were given a deserving price for their products. The state and business men cheat peasants buying everything for trifling sum. Again because of the low purchasing power of citizens.



 P.S. According to the information of a State land inspection of Ukraine the most widespread law violation of the landed legislation is a self-acquisition of land lots.  During 9 months of 2007 the amount of such land lots made 34 thousands with the overall area over 682 thousand hectares.