Viche 2008 1

1, 2008

Cuban doctors are in Yevpatoriya

Chernobyl tragedy echoes even today. About three million children live in such zones on the territory of Ukraine which are contaminated by radioactive nuclides. Almost two million of them need rehabilitation. It is carried out in the sanatorium-health center Friendship (Yevpatoriya), where from 1958 children of the workers of rocket-space industry renewed health. By the Decree of the President of Ukraine 325/97 from 15.08.1997 on the base of Friendship the International child's medical center Yevpatoriya was created. According to the agreement between the ministries of health protection of Ukraine and the Republic Cuba and the Ukrainian youth Chernobyl fund About the grant of medical care to children who suffered in the result of accident in ChAES and other ecological catastrophes for already10 years Cuban specialists have been working there: endocrinologists, hematologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, psychologists


About the stages of setting up of the Ukrainian and Cuban program the deserved doctor of Ukraine tells - Hennadiy LYAMKIN chief medical officer of child's sanatorium-health center Friendship and the International child's medical center Yevpatoriya...