Viche 2008 1

1, 2008

Oleksandr SOKOLOV: I will make efforts so that people live comfortably in Chernigiv

Celebration of 1100-th anniversary of the first annalistic mention about Chernigiv, celebration of which has begun this year and will last till next year, is a good opportunity to pay attention to our city. This event is going to take place at the state level.


Most cultural and art events in the city are conducted at the national level.


The city council has created its own bilingual (English-Ukrainian) web-portal, where it is possible to find out about news and information about the city. In relation to photo-materials, we plan to renew them all the time, enrich the photo-gallery so that the visitors of the site were able to see unsurpassed beauty of not only modern Chernigiv, but also historical Chernigiv.


Troyitskyi-Illinskyi monastery is a great sight of history and architecture which according to the chronicle was founded in 1069 year and was connected with the monk Anthony Pecherskyi. Earlier it was an integral cloistral complex. Now Troyitskyi cathedral is operating and belongs to the Orthodox Church. And even more: the Chernigiv eparchy of the UOC is located there. Anthony caves are the part of the National architectural and historical preserve Ancient Chernigiv.


As a city chairman and as a habitant of Chernigiv I find such state of affairs to be correct. Unfortunately, there are already some examples of conflicts based on transmissions of historical and architectural sights to religious societies in the city. Confrontation round Katerynska church has been lasting for about one and a half year. In the result of it only the museum displays, among which there are valuable models of folk and decorative art, have suffered. That is a pity.