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Viche 2007 24

24, 2007

My father, a diplomat

Our guest is a popular American magazine Outlook which is published in Boston in Russian language with the periodic Ukrainian insertions about Ukraine for the members of Ukrainian community. This material is given to the periodical Viche within the framework of creative exchange.

The story about this man was not in editorial plans. Thought to tell about him appeared during a casual talk with one of our authors the journalist Volodymyr Voyna, who was already well-known at the USSR times. He remembered about his father Oleksiy Dorofiyovuch, Ukrainian diplomat, who was concerned with the course of events, which influenced substantially on the trends of the newest history. Oleksiy Dorofoyovych Voyna could be 100 years old in November. Eccentric man, eccentric fate However, nobody will tell about it better than his son.

Volodymyr VOYNA