Viche 2007 24

24, 2007

We return traditions

December, 6 is a Day of Military Forces of Ukraine

We celebrate the 16-th anniversary of Military Forces of Ukraine on December, 6. Somebody considers that they are absolutely incompetent; others see considerable progress in the regulating of structure and in the conditions of cash maintenance in the last years. No doubt the MFU have become more public. What only White-book 2006. Defensive policy of Ukraine created in the Department of defense is worth of, which gives an opportunity to the ordinary citizens to know unknown earlier information about the Ukrainian army.

The relevant topics of reformation of Military Forces, optimization of educational process, liquidation of part of soldiery departments and revival of traditions were discussed by colonel Viktor ULICH, a deputy of the head of the Military institute of the Kyiv national university named after Taras Shevchenko.


When politicians discuss reformation of military forces, it mainly concerns reduction of quantity of servicemen or abolition of obligatory call-up. Modernization, providing of terms for functioning of capable contract army is not an object for a discussion. Recently your institute has celebrated 74 years from the day of its foundation. Do you feel attention and help from the side of the state and what positive changes have taken place in the last years? Is teaching staff provided with habitation?


I want to say that the operating Government program of development of Military Forces of Ukraine till 2011 foresees both the optimization of quantity and also the whole structure of the MFU. During attestation of the Presidential regiment in November, 2007 Viktor Yushchenko marked that money for development of Military Forces was not the main question, as the most important was the preparation of conditions for professional fulfillment of official duties.


Reformation of Military Forces is up to the Military institute of the Kyiv national university named after Taras Shevchenko. We have many ideas on this occasion. Taking into account serious reformation of humanitarian sphere in the MFU we continue the search of models of education, on initiative of the command of the Military institute the second scientific and practical seminar was conducted on a topic: Basic directions of formation of professional qualities of specialists in humanitarian sphere in accordance with the requirements of the Government program of development of Military Forces of Ukraine in 20062011. According to the results of this event the suggestions were sent to the General staff and to the Department of humanitarian policy of the MDU for the preparation of lecture to the Minister of Defense.


Housing problem is painful for all Military Forces. The biggest number of people who are not provided with habitation is exactly in the Kyiv garrison. We dont have our own queue, it is one for the whole garrison. But here are some positive changes: last year 9 servicemen got habitation. In the Military institute there are over 100 people in a queue.