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Viche 2007 №24

№24, 2007

Horses are innocent, or the way the drivers in Rivnenshchyna have retained the first place on traffic safety already for six years

There are more than 93 thousand bicycles and motorbikes and also 32 thousand carts in the ownership of habitants in Rivnenshchyna. The regional organization of the Allukrainian union of motorists and local organs of self-government help to equip these transport vehicles in accordance with the Rules of road traffic.

General regional inventory of carting carts (there are almost 32 thousand of them in Rivnenshchyna) and also bicycles and motorbikes (93 thousand) was conducted with direct participation of the heads of village and settlement boards. On average as for territoriality there were 70–100 carting carts on every village board, on every homestead there were 1–2 bicycles which were used practically by all family members.


During last six years over 6 thousand bicyclists and 1 thousand 306 drivers – villagers of Sarnenskyi district - have become the members of the Allukrainian union of motorists and done the course of Rules of road traffic, and they have received informative cards-certifications. All transport vehicles driven by them are equipped with light-reflecting equipment.