Журнал Viche 2007 №24

№24, 2007

Untypical general

December, 20 is a Day of militia

49-year-old major-general of militia Vasyl Polishchuk was born in Vinnytsya region. He began his service in the organs of internal affairs in 1981 as a state traffic policeman in the SRI of the Vinnytzya region. In 1994 in Moscow he graduated from the Academy of internal affairs of the MIA of the Russian Federation. In 1997 he became the head of regional State Road Service. Six years later he was appointed on position of a deputy of the chief of the AMIA, a chief of militia of public safety of the AMIA of Vinnytsya region. In August, 2007 he was given the rank of major-general of militia. He was elected as a deputy of the Vinnytsya regional board of two convocations.


Let’s stand up for lonely people!


Atypicalness of chief of the Vinnytsya militia to a certain extent is reflected by another his initiative. The general appealed with suggestion to guidance of the region, and also to the heads of all structures, whose mission is to take care of veterans, single old people, to protect them from a criminal world making every effort.

The biggest number of crimes against veterans is registered in Bershadskyi district (358), Kozyatyn district (350), Gaysynskyi district (327), Zhmerynskyi district (312), more than two hundred such crimes are fixed in Nemyriv and Khmilnytskyi districts.


– Even a day doesn’t pass without reports about criminal encroachments upon life of old people, – Vasyl Polishchuk says. – They are mostly attacked in their dwellings. Such crimes become crueler. In a regional center, for example, criminals during three months retained locked up and in a complete isolation a 84-year-old grandmother. Whereupon on the basis of documents of psychoneurological hospital and of territorial center of the lonely disabled citizens they put her in psychoneurological hostel. Criminals re-registered the house of the old woman on themselves. Few years ago in Vinnytsys law machinery disclosed the criminal group numbering five people. They murdered four lonely old women and became the proprietors of their apartments.


General Polishchuk told about the necessity to stand together for defence of life of single old people in his speech at the session of the regional board.