Viche 2007 24

24, 2007

Chance not to get in jail

is intended to be given to the so called unhappy children by domestic and foreign jurists. They under the aegis of the Child's fund of the UNO (UNICEF) in Ukraine jointly with the Institute of legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and also with the Kharkiv public center Youth for democracy work on the Conception of creation and development of the system of probation. One of its variants intended for the period of 20082010 years was represented at the October meeting of the Consultative council on questions of juvenile justice attached to the Institute of legislation.

They are in the document discussed at the meeting, but they are not likely to be there.
However, they can be interesting for readers. So last year in Ukraine 38,6 thousand people are condemned to imprisonment, or 24 percent of people from the common amount of condemned.
This is less than in 2005 (25,8%), but twice more than on average in the European countries. As to under age punitive practice is more humane: in 2006 in all 13,9 thousand were condemned, among them to imprisonment 2,7 thousand, or 19,3 percent was condemned from all amount of the condemned. The document certifies factual decrease of amount of people who are deprived of freedom is achieved due to application by the courts of the article 75 of the Criminal code that foresees the possibility of discharge of the condemned person from serving his sentence with probation. In 2006 94,4 thousand condemned were freed from probation by courts, that makes a 58,7 percent from their common amount.