Viche 2007 24

24, 2007

What can unify a million and a half megapolis? If not Kharkiv, then only football!

And it is not just usual, in Ukrainian way boring game, but football of a higher class. For example this year, when Kharkiv Metalist has won the bronze medals of championship of Ukraine for the first time and performed with dignity in the UEFA Cup against arrogant English Everton, yielding only because of the lack of experience. And everyone is convinced in Kharkiv the team is able to succeed even more.

General euphoria absorbed its habitants, when our state together with Poland won the right to host finalists of football Championship of Europe in 2012, and Kharkiv was named among cities, where it was possible to conduct such matches.


in relation to tactic and strategy of preparation to Euro-2012. For this purpose 35 million hryvnyas were given to Kharkiv this year. Nataliya Levchenko, a head of permanent committee of regional board on the questions of youth policy, physical culture, sport and tourism ensured: as regards the preparation to CE-2012 there is a complete mutual understanding between the regional board and the regional state administration. And as to those 35 million, they have come from different sources: 20 from the state budget, 10 from the regional one and 5 from the city one. These means will be spent on the reconstruction of the stadium Metalist.