Журнал Viche 2007 №24

№24, 2007

Odoriferous furnace, feed!

In the eve of favourite new-year and Christmas holidays we remember traditions

Very often, preparing a festive table, hostesses try to invent something interesting and unusual, and then they take offence at eaters: “Again they ate the same as always...”


 That is how we are made: we prefer that to what we got used from little up. Who of Ukrainians doesn’t love varenyky? There is nobody. And borshch? That is the most delicious and the simplest that is to be on a table in every dwelling!


 But is it the simplest? Ukrainian cuisine, which we, Ukrainians, consider to be simple enough and not especially exquisite (maybe, because we eat this food daily), in actual fact is difficult in preparation and numbers hundred recipes. Ukrainian borshch has centuries-old history and ten interpretations of recipe in almost every region of Ukraine.