Viche 2007 24

24, 2007

We elect, we are elected

2007 year, that is passing, was declared in Ukraine to be the Year of tourism and resorts of Crimea

I think, the appointed name-day has already taken place. Last tourist season gathered over five million guests on the peninsula. They did the choice in favour of the Black sea, bright paints of Crimean landscape, saint and historical places of peninsula in short in favour of rest and health treatment.


In the health-resorts of the ARC there were 1 million 234,4 thousand people, that is by 16,5 thousand more than last year. 638 child's establishments operated on the territory of Crimea, 150 thousand children and teenagers were made healthier (by 5 percents more than in summer in 2006).


Presently tour-operators and specialists in this sphere are greatly interested in one question: will these people have a desire to arrive here once again, in other words, what are their impressions from the visit to Crimea?

And in actual fact, how successful was the past tourist season, what differs it from previous ones? Its high tome to make conclusions and honestly mention all its pluses and minuses.


We decided to discuss this topic with Leri SVANIDZE, a deputy of Koreuiz settlement board, director of the enterprise Startinvest, president of media-board of periodical of the Verkhovna Rada Viche.