Viche 2007 24

24, 2007

Road to Euro costs 50 milliards

We always prove something. As a rule, at the last moment, hastily, when a second-hand is almost at the end, being out of wind we cry out: Yes! We have done it! We are on time!. The West, for example, is not sure that Ukraine is able, for example, to conduct transparent elections, to reform the tax system or do all possible for the entry to the WTO. Why is it so? Is there no strategic plan, system approach or prevailing of principle of succession? Victory of request on conducting of final part of Euro-2012 in Ukraine and Poland at once caused euphoria in the country and skepticism beyond its borders. We again need to prove that we will modernize stadiums on time, build hotels, and forbid, finally, the building of a shopping center, which is a hindrance of conducting of finale of Euro-2012 on NSC Olympic. But except the football tasks, obligatory and it would seem unreal condition for conducting of football championship in Ukraine is practical combination of two words european and roads, and also creation of wayside infrastructure of the proper level filling stations, car parks, service stations and many-many others...

Recently in the Government service of highways (Ukravtodor) the Conception of transport service of the European football championship of 2012 has been developed. About the tasks which have been put by roaders told Yevgen PRUSENKO, a vice-chairman of Government service of highways of Ukraine.