Журнал Viche 2007 №22

№22, 2007

Time and occasions to fall out or after all to unite

They were given to blocks-coalitions by the Central Electoral Committee, which after all complete 15 days worked with the results of the parliamentary elections-2007, and the President of Ukraine, who declared about a political test on maturity and necessity of collaboration of three most powerful political forces which received the most sizeable support of electorate, however afterwards made his position more exact: foremost he relies on the capability of coalition of democratic forces.

After all they were in a position to use time not only for invocation about loyalty to each other, but also for making of either general team strategy and tactic, or gradual rolling up of slogan stamps, that positively influence on a trustful elector and quite differently on so called imperious elite, who consider themselves to be pragmatists and can not stand populism, when electoral races are finished. Although, I’m convinced who has more pragmatism will be turned out during a few next years. However, we will leave the prospect-2010.


Frankly speaking, the supporters of democratic forces become more frightened because of public discussions of the latter, and they become even more embarrassed because of salvo of long-range artillery of the Commander-in-chief. And on the other hand they recollect with bitter taste an anecdote about sickness which is caused by a journey on a train at Bryezhnev times, when the question arises about “package” again and again. Members of parliament intend to make attempt to apply it at the plenary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, voting for 12 bills BEFORE approval of candidature of premier.


Reasonable questions appear: in what year will Ukraine have a government, instead of acting as? Will occasions really wander around Ukraine?