Журнал Viche 2007 №22

№22, 2007

View from Europe

27 observers from the Parliamentary assembly of European Council are preparing the complete report of mission about Ukrainian elections-2007. It will be discussed, probably, at the January session of PAEC. However during the previous one, in October, that was opened the next day after Ukrainian elections, our political correspondent Sergiy Doyko, having visited Strasburg and having communicated with the members of European parliament and electors, gives

Plan of actions for a new government


Commissar of European Council on human rights Thomas HAMMAMBERG at the autumn session of PAEC promulgated the report about Ukraine. He expressed hope that next power will take his recommendations given in the document into account. The report itself caused considerable resonance in European Council. Mainly – among journalists. Some people did not hide: if he had never heard about Ukraine or had not visited it earlier, in any case he wouldn’t go there. As a press-release to the report abounded with such words as total corruption in courts, tortures and inhuman attitude toward prisoners, violence on women, child's homelessness and pornography, drug addiction and human traffic. The impression was produced as though in Ukraine these are supermass phenomena. That is why it was logical to listen to the details of the report from Mr. Hammamberg personally:

– None of countries – European family members - is perfect from point of observance of human rights. A new government has to develop the package of actions. I think the plan of improvement of functioning of the system of justice is to be the first in it. Corruption from militia to consideration of matters in courts should be overcome.

At the meeting of Committee of Ministers in Strasburg I suggested to develop Plan of actions of embodiment of my present recommendations. I would like to discuss it with a new government next time, when I visit Ukraine.


Sergiy DOYKO