Viche 2007 22

22, 2007

Woman-politician of masculine gender

On November, 19 it will be ninety years from a birthday of Indira Gandhi, a woman-politician. The personality of Indira is confirmation of rightness of feminist complains that the defect of our culture lays in absence of feminine gender in the word politician. She is also a refutation of banal thesis: nature rests on doing children of geniuses.

On October, 30, 1984, day before death, Gandhi said: I am alive today, and tomorrow, possibly, my life will be finished.... In the morning on October, 31 her TV interview was planned. Indira put on a saffron sari in order to have a striking appearance on the screen. Two her guards, sikhs by nationality, sow her saffron clothes with burst of sub-machine gun fire.


The wave of pogroms swept over the country, during which hundred habitants of Penjab perished.