Viche 2007 22

22, 2007

In network

The system of distributive gas pipelines of low pressure is a natural monopoly and composes the unique technique and technological complex of national value. The state acknowledged it to be such that can not be privatized and passed it in use to the enterprises of gas economy. DK Gas of Ukraine, on the instructions of NAK Naftogas of Ukraine (Oil and gas of Ukraine), carries out the control after the use of state property, embodiment of single technical policy. This information is from the site of the subsidiary Gas of Ukraine.

Investigation of reasons for explosion of gas in Dnipropetrovsk had to pass smoothly to clarification of not simple mutual relations in the gas region of Ukraine on the whole. Who to whom is son, daughter and stepmother: Naftogas of Ukraine, RosUkrEnergo, Gas of Ukraine, Ukrgasenergo, Ukrgastrans and etc. It is not clear why Naftogas barely makes both ends meet and owes everyone, and formed by it jointly with RosUkrEnergo the Ukrgasenergo company is prospering and has gained over solvent users of gas, leaving to Naftogas population which, as everybody knows, is less budgetary . To an ordinary citizen a taxpayer it could be interesting to know why actually between state companies (Gasprom and Naftogas), which carry out the purchase and sale, there is a long chain of private companies-mediators. Do additional participants of process reduce price on gas? But this is just a lyric digression.


Knotty system of relations in the gas region of Ukraine, in my opinion, made the accident in Dnipropetrovsk possible. And the reaction of authorities to it exposed that nobody would really take responsibility for what happened. Because networks actually were built at Soviet Ukraine times and the rusty equipment is of that age. So there is nobody to make claims on.