Viche 2007 19

19, 2007

Political test

From the statement of Victor YUSHCHENKO the President of Ukraine on October, 3, 2007 in relation to formation of parliamentary coalition

Welcoming the choice of Ukrainian people, the leader of the country marked: I am conscious that the results of these elections correspond public moods. He called to produce the model of collaboration of power and opposition round the general agenda for Ukraine and conveyed his vision of priority tasks of coalition and government.

First. To adopt the economic program of development of the country, to stunt the growth of prices and to level and optimize the incomes of citizens through exceptionally market mechanisms. New government has to show a new quality of social policy in the country.


Second. To abolish immunity of deputy and privileges.


Third. To draft and approve the state budget on 2008 year with the complete account of social initiatives of the President of Ukraine. I will not consider a draft of a budget, where facilities from abolition of privileges of deputies will not be directed on social payments.


Fourth. To approve the packet of anticorruption laws and create a national anticorruption bureau. I emphasize: law will be one for all!


Fifth. To provide power safety of country.


In a comment the leader of the country underlined that during the last one and a half years three political forces - Party of regions, BYT and Our Ukraine have got about 80 per cent of general support of electors.


Speaking about exceptional responsibility of these three political forces for stabilization of political situation, the speaker marked that we can get a veritable political stability from the political understanding of three key political players: Party of regions, BYT and Our Ukraine. They have to begin political negotiations, within the framework of which to form bases of forming of majority in Ukrainian parliament, government of Ukraine and relations between those political forces which will represent power and opposition. V. Yushchenko is ready to perform as the guarantor of realization of agreements.