Журнал Viche 2007 №19

№19, 2007

Are people and parties a single whole?

The result of elections is expected on the whole. But it scarcely gives grounds to politicians to be proud of their own work for the welfare of Motherland. The only one exception is the political force of Yuliya Tymoshenko. Growth of its support is substantial. This result is a reproach to the government of Victor Yanukovych. It is a reproach to the President. His policy has not won recognition. It is a sentence to Oleksandr Moroz. Probably Volodymyr Lytvyn is disappointed with the result as well. His block has not managed to become the real alternative to the leading parliamentary players. Result of CPU is a kind of reproach to Party of regions. Fresh forces in their electoral ranks are ones who once were mobilized on Donetsk front.