Журнал Viche 2007 №19

№19, 2007

Businessmen are reared in the botanical garden

The Berdyansk University Management and business is 15 years old!

A present year is marked by the anniversary date for the Berdyansk University of management and business – a 15 year activity. Being founded in 1992 the university among the first on the south of Ukraine began to prepare specialists to work in the conditions of market economy. A talented lawyer, Professor Volodymyr AVSIYOVYCH stood near the origins of creation of the Berdyansk enterprise institute. He put forward for his associates the goal to make higher education accessible and of a high-quality. In short such which would answer the present-day demands.

The head of the Berdyansk University Management and business Lidiya Antoshkina is a doctor of economic science, professor, associate of the International academy of organizational and administrative sciences, academician of the Ukrainian technological academy and higher academy of co-operation. She rewarded with the order of Duchess Olga of the III degree.

During 15 years of existence the Berdyanskiy University of Management and business gave a tour in life for 7, 5 thousand people.