Viche 2007 19

19, 2007

Donbas will show real Ukrainian hospitality

Donetsk is among the cities of Ukraine, which will accept official football matches within the framework of Euro-2012. In addition football championship of the continent among youths under the age of 19 will take place in the capital of miner's land in 2009. Oleksandr Lukyanchenko, a city chairman of Donetsk, agreed kindly to answer the questions of Viche about trouble concerning preparation to these responsible tournaments.

Foremost we are truly grateful for the given possibility to inform the readers of Viche what we have to do in the capital of miner's land in order to represent Ukraine on Euro-2012 in a worthy way, he said. According to the most modest counts preparation and organization of events of such level will cost over 19 milliard hryvnyas to the city. On the whole over the entire region charges will exceed 32 milliard hryvnyas. Considerable part of these facilities will be financed by the state budget. But participation of city budget will be ponderable as well.


New stadium of the football club Shakhtar (Miner) will be completed already in the third quarter of 2008. Sporting arena is erected for non-state facilities: the new stadium and putting in order of adjacent territory will cost about 320 million dollars to the football club Shakhtar (Miner). This will be the first stadium in the East Europe projected and built in accordance with 5-star stadiums according to the UEFA standards. The building will contain 50 thousand viewers.