Viche 2007 19

19, 2007

Test for love to the dolphins

Program of the United Nations Organization on to the protection of environment declared the year 2007 a Year of dolphin

It is caused by a necessity to draw wide publics attention to the threat of extinction of intellectuals of the planet Ocean.
In Sevastopol during last 10 years the concrete work, that deals with saving habitants of sea depths, has been carried out by PE Biological station that belongs to the Ltd Dolphins Country.

Work of the Biological station is marked with the premium of Henry Ford, the diploma Leader of region in national business-rating among botanical gardens and zoos of Ukraine, the diploma of the European center of researches Euro market-2005. In 2007 PE Biological station got the international reward of Fame of glory.

Oleksandr Zhbanov, a scientific leader of the Biological station tells about realization of the scientific and practical program of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Dolphin and MOREKYT-1