Журнал Viche 2007 №17

№17, 2007

The world is the sales! At least till September, 30

A good thing doesn’t need to be advertised, it speaks for itself. So amateurs consider. Professionals from the sphere of public relations (PR) are convinced... And what are the professionals from the sphere of public relations convinced in? Can anybody guarantee their views, thoughts and persuasions? Will anybody give even a coin for the persuasions of PR workers? It seems to me that their professionalism is exactly in the absence of any persuasions. And their professional credo comes to the formula: there is no bad product, there is a bad advertisement. Everything is meant under a product – from the tooth-paste to the state sovereignty. The world is the sales! – as popular manuals about PR convince us with the real Shakespeare pathos.

On September, 30 this year the pre-term elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will take place. The pre-election campaign is taking place now. Subjects of electoral process try to get the favour of citizens, using facilities of the political advertisement. However specialists in political science and political psychology sometimes express doubts concerning the efficiency of its influence on will of electors. The consequences brought by aggressive political and advertising influence make us think.

The editorial-staff proposed the participants of the expert questioning to think whether the election technologies, used during the pre-term parliamentary elections to the Verkhovna Rada, are effective. In particular, it was interesting to know election campaign of which subject should be acknowledged as the most successful, and which as such that does not correspond to a positive mark.