Журнал Viche 2007 №17

№17, 2007

Windows into healthy world

Sincere care and mercy to those who are deprived by a fate is not only Christian but also state business, which concerns each of us. And the matter concerns not only welfare positions but also all spectrum of problems and necessities of life. Education, of course, occupies one of highly important places.

Five years ago more than thousand boys and girls studied at Klyuchborska school that carries the name of national heroine of Poland Amelia Plyater. Presently only 470 pupils obtain knowledge at this establishment. Wonderful sporting and computer halls, classes, premises for labour studies, library, chamber and dining-room are at their service. And the most important is that children with disabilities master science together with healthy children.

Some time ago children with disabilities studied only selected subjects straight at home, teachers arrived to them. The first examples of the integrated studies have just appeared in our country, and the management of the school and teachers decided to inculcate a new educational method themselves. “We wanted to open the windows for disable children into the healthy child's world, to lead them finally out from sad four home walls”, – tells Yolanta Kelyar, deputy director of the establishment of general education.

After my return from business trip to Poland, frankly speaking, I was happy when found out that the experiment is conducted by Terebovlyanska gymnasia and specialized boarding school with the deep study of foreign languages: classes for children with poor eyesight are preserved in this educational establishment.

Mykola Shot