Журнал Viche 2007 №13

№13, 2007

Multipolar World Can Assure It’s Security

– How do you estimate the geo-political state of our country and what role can the OSCE play at the security fortification? And to continue the question - which model for security provision in the world in general and in the Eastern Europe in particular is acceptable for Ukraine?

- In modern geo-political environment Ukraine faced an urgent task in the foreign policy dimension to construct its own policy oriented at its national interests. Ukraine must have its own political face, more explicit position and act first of all in its own interest and not in the interest of other countries. Our state is too often turning its head either to try to fit Russia or to look at America or at the European Union. Ukraine is objectively bound to do that. It is obvious that Ukraine can not play its own geo-political game and be at par with the USA, Russia and the EU. Ukraine should view itself as an important middle-size European state with regional interests which concern directly our security and may be provided in case the principles of the Helsinki Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe (1975) (now OSCE) are observed. The GUAM creation is promising in this respect. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Minister for Foreign Affairs stated: "If GUAM has common position on a range of issues on foreign policy, real economic interdependence and influence on other adjacent markets this organization will become a player too." Building up and successive implementation of policy oriented at our own interests (and the way to that is through reaching self-sustainability of internal state, stable political and social development, observance of canons of law, democracy and humanism) will enable Ukraine to become an influential factor for optimal security in Europe of XXI century which is determinant for the prospects of the whole geo-political and thus the international status of the country.
Concerning the model for security provision in the world in general and in the Eastern Europe in particular acceptable for Ukraine an important precondition here is rejection of the one-polar world center of power, which now is possessed by the USA and change to several centers ( such as the USA, Russia, EU, China and India). Ukraine can choose for its needs either the model for security provision of the countries of Eastern Europe which are NATO and the EU members where the transnational capital is ruling the roast or the model when the commanding points of the country economics are taken by the national capital and the country itself has neutral status neither entering NATO nor creating a military alliance with Moscow which will guarantee it friendly relations with both Europe and Russia. The last statement has ambiguous attitudes towards it among our state elite but anyway it has the right to exist.