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Viche 2007 13

13, 2007

Hush, Europe Is Sleeping

Napoleon Bonapart is the only politician who managed to unite the continental Europe. The remains of this unification had smouldered near Borodino.

United Europe strives to be not only wealthy and respectable but also strong. Yet it's not easy to put this striving into life as this Europe is very different. Britain and France are still too imperialistic mannered. Germany, Italy and Spain can not still calm dawn because of their non-realized imperialistic dreams. It's hard to keep the line. Try to refrain from playing with the steel muscles built up through centuries.

New Europeans, Poland first of all, nursing a grievance against the past, is casting glances at Washington and not at Brussels. They see there a big bludgeon which could help them to set the record straight in their historical relations. NATO seems to be a big hedge to hide from the Russian great state appetites behind it. NATO is a super league team for which Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians (and also Ukrainians) can play on the mine-strewn fields of Serbia, Iraq and Iran, so called teem of our youth. You can demonstrate your skills and obstinacy here. So what do they need Europe for? Maybe lets it remain a big bedroom community of the planet for the future?

Sleeping is health. Sleeping is a balanced nervous system. Full stomach means sweat dreams. What for do you need to wake up? There is a big transoceanic dog which missing the European kennel is not only barking, but mercilessly ripping up anyone who tries to disturb the old Europe. As it's said in a lullaby Dream is drifting near window and the slumber near the raft. Hush, Europe is sleeping. Keep sleeping, Europe, sleep.

Europe is tired. Two world wars this is not something to be trifled with. And it seems that nothing can awake it. It wasn't awaken by the shot of the Jewish terrorist who killed the Chairman of British Administration in Palestine in 1946. The terrorists have been executed. But the Middle East has irrevocably reoriented itself at the USA as a security guarantor. Europe wasn't stirred up by the collapse of the colonial system. It was not disturbed by the explosions in Caucasus and Transdniestria. Airplanes' and cruise missiles' uproar above Serbia didn't touch its ear. Europe sleeps sound. Why to make a fuss, why to make any unnecessary movements when democracy has been treading its way around the world and the humanism has become alpha and omega of the political rhetoric? Everything will settle down somehow. The main thing is to adopt a smooth declaration, to send a mission and warm blankets. And the conscience remains clear as Pontius Pilate's. And if something goes wrong you need to get offended on time like it was July 8, 2002 when the Russian Federation published the Declaration of the CIS member-states on the state of affairs within the OSCE, which said that Europeans had a wrong understanding of the post-soviet democracy peculiarities. Sure you need not prove to Russia and to its satellites that the velvet authoritarianism can not be called the democratic diversities. You should just get offended and order the OSCE spokesmen to speak even more evasively about those areas that are closer to tundra than to Brussels. You should send the heads of missions who giving estimation to the situation in Ukraine will claim that the Constitutional Court is not able to settle the political crisis in the first break of their speeches and to insist in the next break that exactly this authority should clear up the situation. (A total break-up!) Then adopt even more Conventions, such as for example the Venetian Convention on regional languages. And afterwards to look blank with the blue Scandinavian eyes asking why Ukraine still has conflicts of language nature? Why? We would like to know that too.

Dream is drifting near window and the slumber near the raft. Hush, Europe is sleeping. Keep sleeping, Europe, sleep.