Журнал Viche 2007 №13

№13, 2007

1932–1933: consequences according to the standpoint of the German diplomats

If we compare policy of the Soviet authority with its activity in 1921 both in Ukraine and in Russia, in Povolzhie region in particular, the absence of expedient state actions aimed at support of starving people strikes the eye.

In the Annual Report of the Odessa Germany Consulate of December 6, 1933 it is emphasized that «Ukrainian part of the district was the one which suffered from famine most of all,
especially during winter period. This famine was at most caused by the authorities themselves which since the end of 1932 had been
systematically confiscating the whole harvest.

German diplomats estimated that period as a catastrophe when state violence over people, physical and psychological tortures were
squeezing labour «successes» out of the wretched, when the compulsory grain storage was made by means of barbarous pressure and through life and death struggle.