Журнал Viche 2007 №13

№13, 2007

Education for identity deconstruction

(about the political meaning of Bolonian process)

We are convinced that the Bologna and the Copenhagen processes or to put it more precisely processes of education europeization should be viewed in a context of not only economic but also political imperatives aiming at creation of the tightest union of the EU countries-members, as moving in its direction needs not only changes in political, institutional and economical processes and structures but also changes of ideas and vales.

Public sciences traditionally regard education as a sphere of exclusive competence of the sovereign state. In the countries of Europe in particular development of education system was viewed as an important part of state building before the II World War.

All the possible efforts are being made through transnational system of foreign languages' studying and wide-spread system of programs for pupils', students' and teachers' exchange to make at least one language, English, a lingua franca for the citizens of European Union.