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Viche 2007 13

13, 2007

To be oneself or He was a locksmith and he knows

A mosaic of reflections, supervisions and flashbacks

July 14, 1947 a famous scientist, teacher and public figure
Vyacheslav Bryukhovetskyi, President of the National University
Kiev-Mohyla Academy was born.

Vyacheslav Bryukhovetskyi has no doubt: I had to resign for the Mohyla Academy to be able to progress. One of the arguments for such inner conviction which is not determinant but illustrative was: We still have cracked asphalt near the Building No. 4. When we
moved there in 1997 every time I entered it I was thinking where to get money to renew it. And about 3 years ago I suddenly
understood that I didn't think any more about the money for the asphalt renewal. Then I made my final decision that a fresh view,
a younger person is needed.

Victor Yushchenko needed to make efforts for Vyacheslav
Bryukhovetskiy to be in his team, to head the Committee on State Awards and Heraldry and to become a peoples' deputy.

Vyacheslav Bryukhovetskiy wants to never disavow the words which he considers to be a motto of his life: Moving ahead is
impossible when the fear for consequences is bigger than the love for truth.

It was the love for truth that made me vigorously reject an
opportunity to be one of the first five members in the electoral block Our Ukraine (Nasha Ukraina)