Viche 2007 12

12, 2007

Fruitage from a scientific tree

Tree is cognized after its fruits. After tasting a fruit trees is poured or chopped certainly if foody does not die from poisoning. We offer readers a fruit from our scientific tree. On May 22 as it was reported in issue 11 of Viche, The All Ukrainian theoretical and scientific and practical conference took place on jurisprudence, political science and sociology Transformation of a political system: social transformations and a legislative process in State and right institute of V. M. Koreckiy. Organizers this event editorial stuff of magazine of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Viche, State and right institute of V. M. Koreckiy NAS of Ukraine and Institute of political science, sociology, right, NPU of Dragomanov. An event is timed to 15-year anniversary of the first issue of Viche. In this and three forthcoming special issues of magazine we will publish materials of conference. In the June issue the articles and theses of lectures are offered mainly from political science.