Viche 2007 12

12, 2007

Actual problems of a legislative process

Recently in one of the newspaper publications I called events which take place in legal life of Ukraine a legal revolution [1]. Enriched with many political and legal events period of the end of 2004 the first half of 2007 forces anew rethink the important aspects of political judicial practice and related with it theoretical problems. Speech goes foremost about correlation of policy and right in the society, role of Constitution, prospects of legal reform realization and alteration of Ukraine as the democratic social legal state.

Legal revolution it is not only a legal disorder, chaos, crisis of legality and so on. Like that, as usually common people perceive revolutions. Revolutions are the history locomotives as K. Marks called them. Revolutionary periods give considerably more for historical development, than a decade of evolutional development because during a numerous revolutions many contradictions are solved which have been slowly accumulated during the periods of a peaceful development.