Viche 2007 12

12, 2007

Coalition practice. Election-2006

According to parliamentary election results which took place on March 26, 2006 5 political forces passed in Verkhovna Rada: Party of regions 32,14% (186 mandates);BYT - 22,29% (129 mandates);bloc is Our Ukraine 13,95% (81 mandate); SPU 5,69% (33 mandates); CPU - 3,66% (21 mandate).

Therefore it is possible to come to a few conclusions: 1) none of political forces received the majority of voices in Vekhovna Rada; 2) the biggest faction in parliament was created by opposition party; 3) party the honored chairman of which was the President of Ukraine taken only the third place on election; 4) almost all of basic political forces of Ukraine (except for Folk party of Lytvyn, PSPU (u) and UFP) were elected in Verkhovna Rada; 5) parliamentary factions should have been formed by the coalition of the majority.