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Viche 2007 12

12, 2007

Strategies of democratic transformation (transit) in the western political science

The problem of determination and search of optimum strategies of democratization in the so called countries of democratic transit plays more noticeable role in the modern western political science. Interesting remarks in relation to it are formulated in the work Polyarchy: participation and opposition written by the known American researcher Robert A. Daly. First of all he discusses the possibility for the USA to transform the government of a different country from hegemony or mixed mode into polyarchy and marks that such efforts will cause serious and complex problems. He distinguishes three basic strategies of democratization: 1) invasion and occupation of a country, violent removal of government and replacement of it with polyarchy, further support of a new government; 2) support of democracy, that is revolutionary movements in a country; 3) support of an operating government by facilities, weapon or other resources and exerting pressure on it for the sake of changes.