Viche 2007 4

4, 2007

Good Monday.

Will it be continued?

...What does Victor Yushchenko hope for? Elections will take place according to the law under the rapt attention of international observers, the President assured. The date was even mentioned - May, 27. But not a long time ago, in March of the last year, there were super-democratic and super-free elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which were acknowledged to be legitimate by all international observers. And what have everything resulted in? Do not begin a battle, if you are not sure in victory, the ancient Chinese strategists advised. Is the honored chairman of Our Ukraine and the president of opposition, as he was called by those national deputies who yet in the morning magnificently styled him the President of all Ukraine, sure in his victory? If one puts this question to the country's leader, it seems he will not be able to answer it. Because recently, responding to Vasyliy Kysylyovs suggestion to conduct pre-term parliamentary and presidential elections, he termed this idea irresponsible. Saying elections will not change the format of factions in the Verkhovna Rada. Has anything changed within a few days? Something has been changed. Though not in the society, and in the consciousness of the man who we call the President.

What does Victor Yushchenko hope for? It seems that in spite of the election results, he will anyway remain the President with a capital letter. It must be his most secret conclusion. He still wants to believe that the miscalculation in social policy of Victor Yanukovychs government will influence on the loss of voices by the Party of regions. He hopes that the electors of communists will not forgive them the union with the capital. He thinks that the electorate of socialists is distinguished by snobbery. Actually what a little thing man needs to believe.

Continuous primality. As sociological researches testify the electoral breaking passes not on the line of socio-economic values (whole Ukraine from the Syan to the Don treats these questions similarly), the hatred is fired up by geopolitical myths. And they, as well as some other idols, are very and very tenacious of life. Even if communal tariffs rise not three, but thirty times more, and inflation reaches the sky, Donbas and the Party of regions will be together. Even if communists for all to see wash oligarchs Bentley, Sevastopol and the CPU will be together. And there is nothing even to say about moral snobbery: even Kant would be ashamed of devising these.

What does Victor Yushchenko hope for? I do not know. And does he know? Maybe, he doesnt also. There is no doubt that the President took the decision of principle and public opinion will respond to it. Because is actually possible to approve (or disapprove) the expressive, clear decision. Citizens can not positively react to the nauseating stretch of verbal chewing gums which are called a democratic process for some reason. But it is very doubtful that only this step will be enough for Our Ukraine to go out from an electoral nosedive.