Журнал Viche 2007 №4

№4, 2007

Mellow chine on sunset

Twenty years ago a unique museum of bells was created in Lutsk in Lyubarta castle. The best collection in Ukraine is gathered here. Till recently the festival of ringing art "Toll of Volyn" did not have prototypes.

Is the bell durable? It depends on many factors. The correct hanging of heart and the exact accordance of his weight to the weight of the bell, the strength of the blow, temperature and other conditions. The longevity determining factor for bell is a composition of a bell bronze. Even a small surplus of tin in this composition causes fragility of bell while the shortage of it worsens its sounding. It was the method of founding in XVII – XIX centuries. Modern technologies of church bells outpouring substituted some traditional materials by more perfect one. Such combination of an old methods and a new technologies gives an excellent results under one condition: a steady observance of all of subtleties and production cycles of classic technology of making of bells.

Are voices of church bells differing not only with their sound but also with their matter?

- They tune up to different events. If a sad melody is heard - someone means died. Besides there was a difference when a woman and a man died. People working in the field being far from a church heard that such event took place. Bells sound differently when accompany wedding ceremony, whether cross step on Easter or convene a viche. If bells are good, if bell-ringer is a talented person it is a genuine music sounds of which touch somebody's heart.

Mykola Yakimenko