Журнал Viche 2007 №3

№3, 2007

Kira Muratova – knowable from the first shot

When people start a conversation about Kira Muratova even those whoever saw not a single her film talk that she is a genius of cinematography. They are thrilled, because indeed understand that Muratova is master which sticks to modern world of cine process. By the way she is as single woman among the producers of a world level. Other who say that does not understand her films are already acknowledged the non-standardness of her thought and reflection of the creative opinion of producer Muratova.
In any case her films never pass unnoticed. They are written about, talked about, argued, they are praised, scold, but never remain indifferent.

This year the Ukrainian spectator has a chance to see the last for today film of Kira Muratova – two passionate tales "Two in one" with Renata Litvinova, Bohdan Stupka, Natalia Buz'ko, Volodymyr Goryanskiy, Nina Ruslanova.  In Kyiv – a national premiere, picture presentation in Odesa, Dnepropetrovs'k, Kharkiv, L'viv.


Drew useful, drew beautiful

Volodymyr Dakhno the author of serial "About cossacks" was born on March 7, 1932. As well as much of his colleagues-cartoon animators he came from other profession (he graduated from architectural faculty of the Kyiv engineering-building institute). He had some time to do work according to his specialty in all a few years and left a ponderable reserve: the school project of township which was afterwards built on the Unist' street. It was the first school in Kyiv where junior schoolboys studied in a separate corps from senior ones and they did not "walk on their heads".
Friends of Volodumyr Dakhno Davyd Cherkaskiy and Mark Draytsun persuaded him to begin his work in new creative union of the animated films on a studio "Kyivnaukfil'm". Consequently he gave children not only a "useful" – a wonderful school, but also "beautiful" – full of kind humour and invention of a national animated cartoon serial. The cartoon film "Peper's adventures" was the debut of Dakhno in making of animated cartoons. And a cult serial "About cossacks" began in 1967 with series "How cossacks cooked kulish". "Why cossacks?" – asked for a producer. "Presumably because my native land is Zaporozhia..."
He thought of three cossacks and borrowed their constitution from Dyuma: slim-tall, little-stout and strong healthy fellow. And farther these characters began a triumphal conquer of the viewers hearts . During the forty years it remains interesting for first his admirers and their children and grandchildren.


According to the words of project producer the album is devoted to the creation of Kira Muratova and will take a deserving place among albums which tell about Fellini, Viskonti, Bunuel'.