Журнал Viche 2007 №3

№3, 2007

Ukraine. ХХІ century. Lingvocide?

International day of the mother tongue

It is very annoyingl to state however as well as before, the language of a title nation in our country remains the language of minority. I am not going to analyse, why and because of what happened so. It was done before me by quite a few writers, research workers, publicists. I will only allow myself to remind of a frightful by their inevitable verity the words of doctor of philological sciences Oksana Pakhl'ovs'ka: "Slaves - are nation which does not have its Word. Therefore not able to protect itself". And many times quoted words of Lina Kostenko: "Nations die not from a heart attack. At first their language is taken away. We must be conscious that a linguistic problem is still actual for us at the beginning of ХХІ century, and if we will not regain consciousness will have a very unencouraging prospect".