Журнал Viche 2007 №3

№3, 2007

Versailles republic

According to the political system France is a republic. It is, as the documents testify, one of the oldest republics in Europe after San-Marino and Switzerland. The parliament of the French Republic is bicameral. It consists of the National assembly and the Senate. Both chambers are in the capital – Paris. But since 1795 the National assembly sits in the Bourbon palace, and the Senate – in Luxemburg. The common meeting of chambers, that is called the Congress, takes place in Versailles. \r
Authorities and organization of work of the parliament of France are fortified in the section 4 of the Constitution of the republic – in the articles from 24 to 33. The relation between the parliament and the government is the question of the section 5. The basic law of France was adopted on October, 4, 1958. It was amended 11 years ago, on February, 22. The Constitution in force is the 17th in the history of the state. It is marked in its preamble, that the “French people solemnly proclaim the devotion to the human rights and principles of national sovereignty, as they were defined by the Declaration of 1789 year...” It should be mentioned that exactly this Declaration is determining in the theory and practice of world constitutionalism.

Serhiy DOYKO